myntanHi and welcome,
I am Anja aka Myntans kitchen. I have a true love for natural food with a (liberal) paleo and raw food focus. Below I give you a better insight into my way of cooking and lifestyle.

Quick facts

  • Nutritionist (paleo) in training.
  • I have a master in marketing  and trained in graphic design. I work with marketing communication/graphic design.
  • Arranging inspirational cooking courses with a paleo/raw food focus.
  • Love to be creative in the kitchen and develop new recipes.
  • I love to photograph.
  • Married and mom of two boys
  • 38 years old
  • Living in the south of Sweden (Småland)

Ten years ago this journey began

I have a true passion for cooking paleo and also raw food inspired. Food is nourishing and beautiful to work with. I believe in the power of good and natural food to grow mentally and physically. And most important of all to strengthen your health. We are genetically programmed to eat natural food and I am convinced we would have a much better world if we were all aware of what we fuel our body with.

I strive to develop recipes that appeal to everyone even though my focus is Paleo and raw food. With that said my food is grain, gluten, dairy. legumes and refined sugar free. I like to serve food that is not only tasty, but also appealing to the eyes. There are a numerous ways to show your love for people that you care about and for me one way is through food. When I put down my soul in making a nice dinner for my family filled with nutritious and great flavors.  Gathering friends over a dinner that I prepared is also a way of showing my love for them. There is just something so satisfying sitting many around a table enjoying food and have good laughs together.

Healed my IBS problems
To know what I fuel my body with is important to me. Being passionate about cooking and especially healthy food has been with me since early years. I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) at the age of 14 and started step by step realizing what a negative impact certain kind of food had on me. I have always been living an active life and love to work out. I have been an aerobic instructor and a runner for many years. Even though leading a healthy and active lifestyle I was suffering severely from IBS. Yet, I managed to get my IBS in grip thanks to the way I eat today.

I first started out with a low carb lifestyle (which raised people´s eye brows since I never had any weight issues. This was at a point when LCHF had not exploded in popularity and therefore research and knowledge about this lifestyle was more limited) in the hope of that this could help me. It was like a miracle for my IBS and I have during these ten years gained or lost any weight but I got my health back. Switching to Paleo (means no grains, dairy, legumes, refined sugar or processed food – basically just keeping it as natural as possible) made my stomach even happier. When letting go of milk products the last bit of occurring bloated stomach was erased. Today I am so grateful not having to live with my IBS pain. Through my studies to become a nutritionist (paleo) it all makes sense to me and I have a much greater understanding for how we live today and why we have some many health issues in our world.

When you know that certain food causes you problems then it is not hard to leave them out of your system.

Dancing taste buds
I enjoy food to the fullest and my taste buds are just dancing every day. I know for some people my way of eating might seem “extreme” but it is for health reasons and I know for a fact it works. When you know that certain food causes you problems then it is not hard to leave them our of your system. I have learned to be good at explaining how and why I live the way I do and it is funny having to explain why you eat natural food when you think about it ; ). I have never experienced people judging me or saying “why on earth do you eat like this?”. I have only experienced support and curiosity. Besides it is fun to be able to influence others in my surrounding and letting them see and taste how good you can eat. Life is enriching on so many levels on a Paleo lifestyle and about 30-40 % of my food is also raw food based. I think an interest for food and experimenting has naturally been vital for me. If you are not interested in food you could probably get tired and fall back to old patterns. I constantly vary my food and come up with new ideas and that it why I never “looked back” or missed out on certain food. 

I am very open for people’s decision and how they want to live their life. For many a lchf or paleo life style is the winning concept and for others being vegan, eating raw food or maybe a little bit of everything works. I think it is just wonderful to find a way that works for you since we are all unique individuals but my strong believe is still that natural food is the winning concept. My family eats everything (but of course with a healthy twist and everything prepared from scratch) and I can most often eat something what they eat and just prepare something extra for me that I know they are probably not so keen on eating. I do not believe in forcing my believes upon my family or others for that matter either. I like to influence through knowledge to a healthy and good life style but I cannot forbid candy etc. for my boys. But everything in moderation. When my boys are grown up they will make their own decisions and hopefully they have learned much and remember some of mom´s good advises but they were never forced upon them.

I have always canalized my passion via cooking gatherings with friends or dinner parties. Experimenting in the kitchen creating new dishes is so much fun. This passion I canalize by cooking, photographing and writing cooking books. My first Swedish paleocooking book is out and can be ordered on my blog.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anja, wonderful blog with many excellent ideas, glad I have found it. Magnificent and appetizing photos to inspire! I hope to use some of your ideas for my ecookingblog.wordpress.com where I publish recipes developed for our friend with even more strict limitations than Paleo. Many thanks.


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