Coffee and honey flavored coconut panna cotta and fall images


What is nicer than a warm and sunny fall day.

Right after taking up the boat I stayed a bit longer taking some pictures.


My five year old takes a break and day dream for a while.

_IMG7137 _IMG7167

It is totally impossible to pass a tree of apples when they look this inviting ; )

_IMG7153 _IMG7169

_IMG6671 _IMG7165
Wittered but still pretty.


I am in love with fall and next year I will fall all over in love with fall. And that is how my love story goes ; ) There is some kind of peacefulness over fall as we slowly see the nature going into its winter state. This past weekend we had friends over for dinner and my son love a panna cotta for dessert and that was the wish for dessert. Instead of creme I used really rich thick coconut milk.

Coconut panna cotta flavored with honey and coffee
Serves 6-8

  • 4 (grass feed) gelatin leaves or use gelatin powder (for a vegetarian or vegan option use agar flakes)
  • 2.4 cup rich coconut milk
  • 5 tbs honey (or for a non paleo version use agave, maple syrup, coconut sugar etc.)
  • 2 tbs instant coffee
  • 1,5 vanilla bean pod – scrape out all seeds

Place the gelatin in cold water for 5-10 min. Let the coconut milk come to a boiling point, turn of the stove, and add all other ingredients including the gelatin leaves (first squeeze out all extra water). Stir until it all is mixed well and the gelatin fully dissolved. Pour up in small serving cups/glasses and let sit in the fridge for approx. 5 hours or over night. Top with for instance fresh figs and dark chocolate.


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