Farmers market at Gårdsby

Today I participated at a small farmers market on the country side close to where I live. I love a genuine small scaled farmers market where people come together to buy organic or locally produced products. The market offered vegetables/fruit/berries, cheese, meat, fish, egg, ice cream, bread and hand crafted products. Kids could ride on a hay wagon and participate in a “chicken race”. Or you just paid a visit and enjoyed a bite to eat. I was selling my cooking book with focus on natural food with the title: “Natural health and joyful cooking with Paelo” (only available in Swedish).  It was a terrific late August day with hot temperatures and the sun shining all day. Here I gathered some pictures from the day. I was so fond of my sweet “neighbors” who sold the most wonderful vegetables and I could not help but sharing a picture of them as well (Gårdsboden – Don´t they look really sweet. Thanks to Familyfood ( who let me be a part of this great farmers day as well.

_IMG5540Some of the great locally produced products I purchased today._IMG5484


_IMG5494 _IMG5523






I made a great frittata from some of the products that I purchased today. It turned out so good that I will save this one as a recipe for my next cooking book. : )


3 thoughts on “Farmers market at Gårdsby

  1. We went to our local farmers market today, too. Fresh organic leeks and rhubarb for baking, as well as my favourite chicken honey and mustard wonderful sausages for lunch and with nice crisp winter air in the morning, I could not have asked for better Sunday morning. Two week ago we got the whole 5kg bag of fresh walnuts. They are so sweet, that I do not believe they will last till Christmas as I indented. Fresh local produce makes all the difference.


    1. That sounds all absolutely wonderful.My first guess is that you live in Australia? Is that right? 🙂 I agree – it is just something very special with farmers markets. I love it. Hard working farmers who are very passionate about what they do. And I know what I buy and it feels really good. The chicken honey mustard sausage sounds just delish. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks a lot for leaving such sweet notes. I really appreciate it. If you have an Instagram I am more active here with food pictures (@myntans_kitchen). My blog is just updated now and then when I have the time. Best regards Anja

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      1. Hi Anja, yes I live in Melbourne Australia and we are in opposite seasons, though our winter is not the same as we had back in Latvia. 12-14 we consider very cold.
        I do not have Instagram account, and only once in a while publish photos in Pinterest, but I am not active there. I try to publish recipes in both of my blogs, which is time consuming, but I am happy to do that. We are trying to change the theme in both blogs, so I have to apply featured images to more than 200 publications. I hope to finish it in a week. I truly hope. I like you blog with interesting ideas and appreciate photography with not only food in it. Always enjoy reading your posts. Irena


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