Persimmon smoothie

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Persimmon got to be one of my favorite fruits . In my dad´s early career he was in charge of buying fruit and veggies for one of Sweden´s largest grocery chains. I remember he made numerous of trips to exciting countries to look at fruit plantations. We also got to try a big share of interesting exotic fruits at home that we probably would not have had otherwise. Even though this is closer to 30 years ago, and my dad is doing something completely different these days, I still trust him very much when it comes to his knowledge about fruit and he always knows which ones to pick in the grocery stores ; ) He was the one introducing me to persimmon way back. It is something with the flavor that just makes me so happy… the fruit is just bursting with sweetness. The Latin name for Persimmon actually means “food of the gods” and that says it all ha ha. The fruit is often hard when you find it in a grocery store but it should be eaten at best when it´s a bit soft. And then another green that I love to eat – celery – as I wrote about some while ago in my green smoothie. You might think it sounds odd mixing the two but give it a go ; ) This smoothie does not make a whole breakfast – it is a smaller smoothie. Just four ingredients needed -no need to make things complicated ; ). This smoothie has a mild lovely flavor.


  • 1 1/2 chopped persimmon (or use two)
  • 1 (ecological) banana
  • 1 stalk of celery chopped in pieces
  • 1/2 cup of coconut milk. I did not add too much coconut milk since I like to enjoy my smoothie a bit thicker with a spoon.

Mix all ingredients in a small blender.  I topped mine with pistachio nuts, dried unsweetened cranberries and bee pollen. Topping just add that little extra and gives the smoothie a more interesting taste experience.



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