My all-time favorite chia pudding with mint and passion fruit

_IMG1016 This is my all-time chia pudding favorite. This recipe was created one lovely summer morning in July. I still remember it clearly because I enjoyed it outside sitting on my door step while looking out in the garden. This is sort of my morning routine on nice summer days. Not to wake up the rest of the family I actually used my mixer outside and plugged it into an electrical outlet right outside the kitchen patio door. I thought this was quite inventive  and thoughtful of me ; ) Anyhow, it was a morning I knew it would be something with passion fruit since I had purchased a few the day before. I had an abundance of fresh mint in the garden, so this was also a given ingredient (have I mentioned before how much I love mint?! ; ) . Now imagine a chia pudding with a coconut and apple flavor, mixed with passion fruit, mint, frozen banana, brazil nuts and more coconut milk. For me this is a big glass of pure yummy goodness. Did you know that that chia seeds contain lots and lots of omega 3 fat. Two tablespoons of chia contain more omega-3 than you find in a large piece of salmon. Chia seeds also give you lots of protein and therefore it is excellent if you do not eat meat. Two tablespoons of chia equivalent the calcium you get from several glasses of milk. Since I do not eat much meat and no dairy products I know that chia seeds gives me lots of important minerals and vitamins. It is basically a super seed ; ) I hope you would like to give this a try. Enjoy a lot! _IMG1001 _IMG0982 _IMG0998 _IMG1014 _IMG1040 Serves 1 Note! prepare everything in the evening if you want to enjoy this for breakfast.

Chia pudding

  • 3 tbs of chia seeds
  • 1 cup of coconut milk (or use 50/50 water and coconut milk)
  • 1 generous tbs spoon of (homemade unsweetened) apple compote

The rest of the ingredients

  • 2 passion fruits
  • 2 bananas sliced and frozen
  • 10 mint leaves
  • a handful (approx. 10-12 nuts) brazil nuts soaked in water over night. Rinse well before using them.
  • ½ cup or a bit less of coconut milk

Mix the liquid, apple compote and chia seeds in a glass. Place in the fridge. Stir a couple of times during the first 30 min. Let sit over night. Place sliced bananas (two) in your freezer to use in the morning. Soak your brazil nuts in water as well during the night. In the morning Place the fruit from one passion fruit in the bottom of a new glass. Scoop your chia pudding on top of the passion fruit. Use a blender and mix your frozen banana, coconut milk, mint leaves and brazil nuts into a lovely “ice cream” consistency. Place this on top of the chia pudding. You can top it all off with some more nuts, passion fruit and mint.


6 thoughts on “My all-time favorite chia pudding with mint and passion fruit

  1. Vilka vackra bilder fina Anja! Och jag älskar ju också chiapudding även om jag numera försöker blanda med soygurt… tycker konsistensen blir sådär härligt krämig och god mums! Hoppas att allt är bra med er, saknar våra konversationer på Kik. Kram vännen!


    1. Åh, vad go du är Amy 😘 tack fina för att du kikar in på min blogg – blir jätteglad 😊 just det – måste installera kik igen 👍 har ny padda och fick ladda ner allt på nytt, men glömde kik. Kramar från Göteborg (har utb till social media manager 😉😊 här resten av veckan)


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