A lovely salad with kale, apple, pomegranate and avocado. Served with a sunflower seed dressing with tahini, lemon and ginger.


A lovely salad with the amazing and super nutritious kale. Here served with apple, kale, avocado and pomegranate seeds, together with a sunflower seed dressing flavored with tahini and ginger. I also sprinkled some seed crackers on top. It has been a while now since I made this but I had kept the recipe on a muddled or messy piece of paper stored in my little kitchen drawer  ; ) That is how I work and once every year I just must clean out the drawer cause it is just piled with all my recipe notes and impossible to close  : )  Sometimes I cannot even make sense of what I have scribbled down and they are smudged with stuff from my hands when I am in action. : )

I bought more kale yesterday and then I came to think about this salad and will make it again. Kale contains a lot of vitamin C, A and E. Kale is also germicidal and it is a great antioxidant and good for inflammations. To add it into your morning smoothies or salad once in a while do you so much good.

Today is my last day of vacation and it is also an official holiday in Sweden. It´s been a long one but when being on the road traveling it does not really feel like vacation in the same sense. It is fun but also quite exhausting. Even though my kids are the greatest traveling with since they are used to it from just being a few months old and now can watch movies or listen to music for hours, it is a lot of planning around a trip. Therefore, the last five days at home has been more of a “getting into a relaxing holiday mood”. ; ) Going swimming with the kids, going to the cinema, slow morning where I basically been walking around in my bath robe until 11 pm, even though I am a really early bird and never sleep longer than 7 pm. ; ) It´s been great. But tomorrow it is back to “normal” again but starting out with a short week. ; ) Once everyone is back to school and work etc. it will all be good cause daily routines are great too.

Here is my recipe. Enjoy and have a great day!


Serves 1 (or two small side salads)

150 gram (approx 5,3 ounce) of chopped fresh kale
1 pomegranate fruit – use all seeds
1 large avocado cut in pieces
1 large apple cut in pieces
¾ cup of (roasted) pumpkin seeds

½ cup of soaked sunflower seeds (soak them in water first for 2 hours and rinse them thereafter in fresh water)
3 tbs of olive oil
1 tbs of tahini
3 tbs of lemon juice
2 pinches of dried ginger but preferable some fresh grated ginger
½ cup of water
sea salt – taste as you mix and add to your preferences

Mix 1-2 tbs of a good olive oil on top together with some lemon juice and sea salt. Massage this mix into the chopped kale. Thereafter add the remaining ingredients and mix carefully with your hands. Mix the ingredients for the dressing in a blender until you have a creamy and lovely dressing. Pour over salad and enjoy. I also sprinkled some seed crackers on top.


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