Avocado and sweet potato chips salad

I will from time to time post pictures for inspiration with no detailed recipes. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” and sometimes that could be true. Especially when it is not something complicated. ; ) Yesterday I was on the go and there was limited time to make lunch. Since I just had to think of my own quick lunch this took only five minutes to prepare. The sweet potato chips I had ready from the previous day and they added some great crunch and texture. Served together with seed crackers (that also can be found here) made a good lunch.

_IMG9807 _IMG9802


two avocados, two stalks of celery, cucumber, red beet sprouts, cashew nuts and sweet potato chips. My chips were made of thin sliced sweet potato to which I added some salt and baked on 200 degrees C/400 degrees F until they were golden. They turned really crispy once completely cooled. They all disappeared quickly therefore I just had a little left for my salad. ; )

As dressing I quickly mixed cashew nuts, Dijon mustard, apple vinegar, dried red pepper, water and sea salt.


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