Orange and nectarine chia pudding

This blog is just seeing the light of day and first of all welcome if you are my first visitor ; ) Well, you have to start somewhere and this blog is a complete “tabula rasa” right now. What will be shared here is occasionally recipes and my love for pictures. Moments caught and well, food varied with life style photos.

What will be shared here is occasionally recipes and my love for pictures – moments caught and well, food varied with life style photos

I have been debating with myself whether to have a blog or not and I decided to give it a go. As you can see a really simple design. I guess it is no use to promise myself to update something every week or twice a month etc, Simply when I feel like it and have the spare time – that will automatically make this fun I am sure. My blog name stems from my Instagram account and it has become my little friend or “trade mark” and it felt natural to use it here as well. The name “Myntan” means mint (the herb) and that is the name of our house. Therefore I thought it was quite fitting and I also love mint. ; )

I do not write many lines at my Instagram account and what´s been said there is basically what you can find on the pictures. Here I will elaborate more in my texts. My way of living and passion for cooking with a focus on good/natural food can be read more under the “about” section.

I have a big liking for chia puddings (there are just endless possibilities on how to eat and enjoy them) and I´ve noticed they keep me quite satisfied for some hours (I drink coffee with rich coconut cream as well). Nothing fancy but food does not have to be complicated to be appreciated – I think it is the other way around. Uncomplicated and tasty food that is what I love. For this breakfast I used a raw compote as bottom layer (not visible) and then a cashew and orange chia pudding with topping. Sharing the recipe below. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.




Serves 1

  • 3 tbs of chia seeds
  • 1 cup of liquid – I used 50/50 fresh squeezed orange juice and cashew milk (you can naturally use coconut milk as well)
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon of natural sweetening (stevia, sukrin, honey, coconut sugar etc)

Mix the chia seeds, sweetening and liquid in a glass. Place in your fridge. Stir well after approx. 15 min. Then let sit a bit longer and stir again. If you do not stir the pudding you will end up having all seeds in the top and bottom of the glass and it won´t be a very nice pudding. Let the pudding rest in the fridge for at least one hour or over the night. When serving scoop over to a bowl if you like. First add the raw compote or serve it on top.

I mixed two small nectarines in a blender with five large mint leaves and a dash of cinnamon.

Nectarine, pistachio nuts and raw cacao nibs.


4 thoughts on “Orange and nectarine chia pudding

  1. Hej! Åh, ni är de första att kommentera på min nya blogg. Vad otroligt glad jag blev (och speciellt att det var ni med 😉 Tack snälla. Förmodar att det aldrig är för sent att börja blogga (hundra år efter alla andra ha ha). Ska försöka när jag kan och hinner. Men har lovat mig att det ska kännas roligt och aldrig kännas tungt eller som ett tvång. .Tack för att ni vill hänga med i mitt kök. Jag ska självklart följa er med (ska bara klura ut hur ha ha… är på er sida just nu.). Kram!


    1. Hej Annelie! Åh, vad jätteglad jag blir att du tittar in här hos mig. Det känns faktiskt riktigt roligt med en blogg och när jag kan och hinner ska jag med glädje dela recept.Tack för din fina kommentar. Kram Anja


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